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Health is at the center of the Circle of Fulfillment graphic and it is also at the center of your life. Not everyone is gifted with good mental and physical health, but your life VITALITY is dependent on it. Vitality underpins your desire to move forward and your ability to meet your goals. So preserve and nurture what health you have. Think about your diet, exercise, sleep, and pursuit of optimal mental health. Think long term! Continually strive to be energetic when you are 80, 90, 100 or older. Keep taking small sustainable steps in the right direction.

To get a clear picture of how you are taking care of your health, download and fill in this Self-Care Assessment form.

What is Optimal Mental Health?

A good checklist for optimal mental health can be found in an article on by Simon Rosenbaum and Jill Newby.

They say that strong mental health is not just the absence of mental illness. It is about,

  • feeling good and functioning well
  • having positive emotions (happiness, joy, pride, satisfaction, and love) and relationships
  • feeling engaged with life
  • meaning and purpose
  • accomplishment
  • emotional stability
  • resilience
  • optimism
  • self-esteem

and, of course, vitality.

Tapping into support networks and employing successful coping strategies from your past cultivates mental health. Helping others, enjoying physical activity, eating well, connecting with others, managing stress, having realistic expectations, sleeping well, learning ways to relax, counteracting negative or overcritical thinking, and doing things you enjoy and that give a sense of accomplishment all contribute to optimal mental health.

Below are some great, inspirational videos that will lead you to better physical and mental health.

Health Quotes

"The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness." Arthur Schopenhauer

"Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory." Albert Schweitzer

Master Your Sleep and Be More Alert When Awake by Andrew Huberman

When the Body Says No - Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others - Ted Talk by Dr. Gabor Maté

How to Live to Be 100+ - Ted Talk by Dan Buettner

This Could Be Why You're Depressed or Anxious - Ted Talk by Johann Hari

Enough is Enough: The Power of Your Inherent Value - Ted Talk by Meag-gan Ann O'Reilly, PhD