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Knowledge-based coaching using the Growth and Transformation model can help you:

  • Attain goals
  • Improve time management and organization
  • Minimize effects of adverse experiences
  • Maximize resilience
  • Create a clear path forward to transform your life

In addition, the Growth and Transformation model will help you improve your life by:

  • Providing assessments, fresh perspectives, and strategies
  • Developing a positive sense of mastery, purpose, and mental organization
  • Understanding that successful strategies and relationships depend upon the relationship you have with yourself
  • Encouraging healing through self-inquiry, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness
  • Using these concepts and knowledge-based coaching to meet your objectives

The phrase "mental organization" mentioned above, is extremely important. The Growth and Transformation model can impart that organization and provide a structured way to continuously improve your life.

Improving Your Relationship with Yourself and Others
New Thought
Complete Adult
Cultural Issues

The Hero's and Heroine's Journey

Reframing Your Past

Adopting a
Positive Way
of Being
for Yourself
and Others
Time Management
Mood • Social

Imagine optimizing your approach to living in these eight ways. It's not that you make an adjustment and then you are done. Each area is a lifetime growth possibility. Starting to think in a structured way will help you feel grounded, move you from reacting to managing, and free up energy to fuel your motivation.

Coaching as a Structuring Force

Think for a moment that going forward in your life is like starting a new business. Let's say you are starting to do auto repairs in your home garage. Do you think you would feel good about your new business, attract new and repeat customers, and be successful overall if your garage was in a state of disarray? Probably not. Making the transition from disarray to showplace is not that difficult if someone supplies the infrastructure (i.e., cabinets, shelving, hanging hooks, etc.)

Now let's think in terms of mental organization instead of workshop organization. Scattered thoughts and feelings bump into each other, waste energy, and make you feel bad. Below, on the right, you see an organized mind. It is a foretelling of what can be. It is an infrastructure plan for your future life. This plan will improve your efficiency, your sense of well-being, and lead to better personal relationships.


Why My Coaching Works

According to a study by McKenna and Davis, 2009, successful outcomes in therapeutic relationships result from:

  • 30% Client-Coach Relationship: To establish the relationship I present myself in an honest, non-judgmental, and caring way. I discuss my struggles and accomplishments to inspire my clients to strive toward transformation.
  • 40% Client Factors: I encourage my clients to think for themselves by reflecting and asking questions that will lead toward self-discovery and growth.
  • 15% Theory and Technique: I have worked hard to understand human existence and how to find one’s best possible path. I have spent many decades learning from experts, some of whom are considered to be the best in the country. Making a lifetime’s knowledge accessible to others in a short, no-nonsense way gives me great joy.
  • 15% Placebo Effect: This one is easy for me. You may see improvement just by showing up, regardless of what I do or what you bring to the session!

Goal Setting

Your goals may include:

  • Discovering meaning and purpose
  • Increasing happiness and confidence
  • Improving physical health and emotional wellness
  • Exploring career opportunities
  • Managing finances
  • Building better relationships
  • Succeeding in academic pursuits

My own story is one of transformation from rock bottom and clueless at age 19 to achieving success in each of the above categories. As such, I know how to guide you, by asking (the right) questions, summarizing, and offering relevant feedback. This can lead to important self-discovery, defining/clarifying your personal goals, and moving forward to actions/behaviors for which you are held accountable.

I strongly encourage personal development work while moving toward your short-term goals. I am unable to work with individuals without emphasizing the power of self-inquiry and self-acceptance.

Minimizing Effects of Adverse Experiences and Maximizing Resilience

Here are a few of the ways my life coaching can improve your well-being, confidence, and effectiveness while moving toward your best self:

Talking to someone you can trust: Talking to a professional coach trained to move you toward self-awareness and effective behaviors results in improved mental health. My style is kind, thoughtful, relaxed, non-judgmental, yet perceptive, insightful, and encouraging. All interactions are private and confidential.

Talking to someone who knows the landscape: Research demonstrates that the relationship with your professional is more important than the theory or techniques used. This truly sets my coaching apart. I relate to those with past adverse experiences. I have lived the transformation and thoroughly understand pain, anger, confusion, acting out, underperforming, and self-sabotage. I understand why lingering problems may occur later in life. I have studied the growth process for decades and can communicate that process to you in a short amount of time.

Building resilience: Resilience is the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. Together we can identify a dozen ways of building your resilience. Once identified, you will be surprised at how many coping strategies you are already using in the coaching process -- without even thinking about it.